Linden Communication @ Mediafarm

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Hello and welcome to the farm, a 360 4K corral.

360 content has become the new normal for many destination marketers and consumers are equally eager to watch them. Take a Look.

Linden Communication: a production & post-production Group located in Charlottesville, Virginia offering you the opportunity to showcase your facility in a 360 4K environment. With our Samsung 360 camera, that's one camera containing 174K cameras, and that's just the beginning.

Drew Stevenson: writer/director for content production
Mike Stevenson: producer/cameraman/editor of 360 and 4K content.
Robert Friedstand: After Effects & Maya VFX Artist for 360 and 4K content

Writer Director Cameraman Editor EFX & Motion Graphics
Charlottesville, Virginia mobile (434).242.3907