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The NICU Tour:
The video provides an overview of the neonatal care unit at the University of Virginia Health System. The Neonatal Care unit is seen from the view point of the parents, physicians, nurses, emergency personnel and even a former baby. The day-to-day care and sometimes the wrenching decisions that parents must confront.

Partners for a New Math: Viable Communities for New Times This video explores working example — process, practice and specific outcomes — which illustrate how a single organization with a vision for broadening their impact is using the principles of a ‘new math’ to cut across age and economic divisions in order to maximize positive outcomes. It shows how finding common ground creates a magnetic effect in drawing new collaborators to the table.

Producer/Camera/Editor: Mike Stevenson
Writer/Director: Drew Stevenson
Camera/Audio: Bob Tullmann

Media Producer • Cameraman • Editor • Lighting
Charlottesville, Virginia • mobile 434.242.3907