Linden Communication @ Media Farm


Second Draw Demo: Second Draw. This is a 4 minute demo reel of the band's live performance at the Pavilion in 2014. The video was recorded with a Sony HDV camera. The auido was fed from a live mix into the camera's XLR inputs. The video was edited in Adobe Premier and exported as an HD ProRes MOV file.

Mud Boy and the Neutrons: This 4:30 video is posted as a 40 year celebration of these musicians, performance artists, dancers, scribes and individuals who revived the sound of Beale Street. Although many have passed, the Dream Carnival is alive. No one is forgotten and the next generation is incomparable. Thank you North Mississippi Allstars! Recorded at the Memphis Blues Festival in 1978 on a Super 8 Beaulieu camera. Film stock was Kodachrome 40 with magnetic stripe. Processing was at Motion Pictures Laboratory in Memphis, TN. MPL was a wonder of the day. They were located on South Main St. The camera was good but the technology needed some upgrading. I had the film transferred to an HD file at Technicolor Labs in Maryland. Mike Stevenson shot the film in 1978 and edited the video 2018.

VMI Fife & Drum Band at The Rotunda: A performance by the renowned Virginia Military Institute, VMI Pipe & Drum Band, at the Rotunda on the grounds of the University of Virginia. This is only one of many songs performed by the VMI Band on the evening of December 7, 2009.

Interactive Rich Media Communication Tools. Concept to Completion